It is important to have a foundational understanding of cyber intrusion methods and cybersecurity measures. Equipped with this knowledge and understanding, individuals will be able to assist in preventing cyber-attacks and protecting their systems and information. To support the development of this knowledge, OCDS has developed a comprehensive training solution.

The purpose of our training modules is to teach employees/individuals how to protect their organization’s assets, data, and technological resources. Employees are the first in line to reduce the likelihood of security incidents and breaches. By doing so, organizations can minimize the risk of incidents and ultimately minimize their financial losses. Cybersecurity and awareness training helps individuals understand the vital role they play in protecting data at work or at home.

OCDS is proud to offer the following training options to support our customers in developing these critical skills:

Module One

Module One will introduce the individual to the cyber world with terminology and types of cyber threats.

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Module Two

Module Two will discuss some safety tips to help business and individuals safeguard their network(s) and computers.

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Module Three

Module Three has tests and activities that are catered to the organization’s needs, such as phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, passwords, authentication, etc.

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The training is done at the user’s own pace. It could take anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours – depending on how quickly the user understands the material. It is recommended for an organization to continue cybersecurity training an awareness at least once a year.